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Cutting machines for bars

Product categories: Wire bending, forming and shaping machines 

Cutting machines for bars

Shear lines.
Oscam shear lines are known world-wide for their sturdiness and reliability. The shearline combine high productivity with extreme ease of use, at low operating and maintenance costs.

With an Oscam shearline you will have:
+ production capacity
+ affidability
+ versatility
+ experience at your service
+ ease of use
+ ergonomics
- maintenance
- operating costs

The shearlines can mount different shear models, each with different performances, to satisfy the widest steel bars cutting production requirements.

Shear line "normal line".
Large capacity shearline, combines significant flexibility to extremely simplified use. The large capacity straight bar storage system is installed on one side of the measuring track and the mobile storage conveyor is installed on the other, which, as well as automatically feeding the bending units, allows an easier future expansion of the bending stations.

Shear line "simplified normal line".
Simplified version more economical than the Normal Line model, the shearline allows executing big works even with bar diameters over 50 mm.
Even if composed of a simplified structure compared to the Normal Line, the shearline maintains all its sturdy and reliable features of cutting bars.

Shear line "red line".
Powerful and flexible high capacity shearline. Its exclusive bridge system allows maximum flexibility in using the available space, allowing future expansion of the cutting and bending capacity and managing lots of different types and sizes. The shearline allows maintaining communication among the different sectors of the establishment. The shearlilne can be equipped with medium or large sized shears.

Shear line "multiline".
Large capacity shear line, allows obtaining a high productivity thus minimising dead times, since it immediately unloads the cut material allowing to immediately move to the next cycle.
The shear line is particularly suitable for mass production of cutting bars, can also adapt to reduced space.

Shear line "miniline".
It mounts a smaller shear than the larger cutting lines; however, it is a real sturdy, reliable and flexible shear line.
It can be used as the main shear line in a small establishment or as support machine for a larger line.
The shear line can cut bars with diameters up to 55 mm.


Control console.
The shear line console allows easily and simply managing the entire working cycle. It uses high quality components and is certified for use in moist, dusty environments as well as at high temperatures. It is equipped with 3 independent control systems: automatic, semi-automatic and manual to meet different requirements and guarantee production continuity in the event of malfunctions to one of them.
The console can also interface with a remote computer to receive work lists and manage optimisation for the cutting bars.
Provided with advanced and intuitive self-diagnosis and statistical tools; it is available in various models in combination with the different types of shear lines.

hydraulic shears. Models: T530, TM, T150.
All shears for the Oscam lines combine high cutting capacity with exceptional sturdiness and reliability that allow a longer and virtually maintenance-free life-span.

T530: the largest shear has an exceptional cutting capacity together with extreme sturdiness and reliability. Suitable for large, high production shear lines.

TM: shear considered with average cutting capacity only if compared to the T530 model; however, it ensures high productivity.
Combines cutting bars capacity, sturdiness and reliability.

T150: it is the smallest shear of the cutting range; however, it allows cutting bars with diameters up to 55 mm.