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Machine software

Product categories: Industry 4.0 and enterprise software 

Machine software

In over 70 years we have been able to develop special machines for any kind of need, even the most specialised ones. Today Oscam designs, manufactures and sells both operating software for machines and management software for plants.
Oscam great experience and in-house resources will also help you if you want to connect the machinery to third-party management software and easily upload processing data remotely.

Machine software
All Oscam machines and plants, with automatic cycle, are equipped with industrial computers that have communication ports for remote PCs to receive and transmit processing data.
According to the most advanced technologies, it is possible to transfer data by connecting the remote PC to the industrial PC on machine board.
The programs of automatic machines have advanced statistical tools, a powerful and yet simple self-diagnosis system and can be interfaced for remote assistance.

Processing management software EasyBAR
With the EasyBAR software, the shaping centres can manage the programming of the processing to be carried out and send, by means of a network connection, magnetic support or label with barcode, the data to the industrial computers on board of the machinery to immediately start production.
Data processing starts with the input of the working lists provided by the customer. This operation can be conducted manually or automatically with the IMPORT FILE .DXF module used to import the data contained in the files of the drawings provided by the designers, thus saving time when entering the production lists.

EasyBAR was developed in full accordance with the requirements indicated in the Technical Construction Standards in force relating to lots traceability and keeping of the required records.
EasyBar is a suitable instrument for all the management needs of a pre-shaping centre, whose management system complies with the UNI EN ISO 9000 Standard.

The "PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT" module, if connected to the machines via network, can send the production lists worked out in office but can also receive the final production balance allowing a control of the progress of the orders in real time.