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Shears for hard material

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Shears for hard material

Machines for cutting extremely hard rods, consisting of a solid cast single block processed with machine tools, and of an oil bath set of gears. They can be used both on a building site and in a pre-shaping plant and can be operated 24 hours a day in a continuous cycle. They cut iron of all degrees of hardness, including high-strength iron with the largest diameter. Diameter change doesn't require any adjustment.


To cut rods with diameter up to 26 mm directly on site.
Machine particularly suitable for building sites for civil and pre-fabricated structures.
Equipped with 4-edged cutting blades.
90 strokes per minute.
Remote pedal control.

To cut rods up to Ø 42 mm directly on building sites.
Equipped with 8-edged cutting blades.
50 strokes per minute.
Remote pedal control.