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Plastic flange protection

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Plastic flange protection

To protect flanges, Panozzo supplies plastic protections like covers, adhesive discs and polyethylene meshes.

The company creates upon request custom molds, and is able to deliver also small batches.

To know more, or to receive a free sample of the products, please contact the sales office of Panozzo srl.

Here below the full range of protections.

- Full-face PE flange protectors
Diameter: 86mm - 450mm
Minimum flange inner diameter: 9mm - 285mm
Maximum flange inner diameter: 13.6mm - 315mm

- Partial PE or EVA flange protectors
Diameter (PE): 45mm - 408mm
Minimum flange inner diameter: da 11mm a 285mm
Maximum flange inner diameter: da 18mm a 316mm

Diameter (EVA): 465mm - 725mm
Minimum flange inner diameter: da 325mm a 570mm
Maximum flange inner diameter: da 341mm a 596mm

- SAE flange protections
Material: polyethylene

- Adhesive rubber discs for flanges
Minimum disc diameter: 36mm
Maximum disc diameter: 700mm

- LDPE flange protection discs
Minimum disc diameter: 75mm
Maximum disc diameter: 1206.5mm

- Polyethylene meshes for flange protection
Flat polyethylene nets are the ideal solution for the protection of flange and semi finished mechanical products against collision and damage due to contact.
Mesh thickness: 0.75mm - 1mm

To learn more please download the pdf file.