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Plastic washers

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Plastic washers

Panozzo provides plastic washers such as DIN 125 - UNI 6592, finishing, countersunk, saddle, insulation and hexagonal washers.

The company is able to create molds based on customer request, even for small lots.

Panozzo sales office is available to send free samples, and also for further information about all the production range available in the catalog.

Here following the available models.

- DIN 125 - UNI 6592 washers
Material: Nylon 6.6
Outer diameter: 5mm - 72mm
Inner diameter: 2,2mm - 40mm

- Non standard washers
Material: Nylon 6.6
Outer diameter:  5mm - 50mm
Inner diameter:  2,2mm - 38mm

- Anti-loss washer
Material: HDPE
Outer diameter:  8mm - 32mm
Inner diameter:  2,5mm - 13,6mm

- Countersunk washers
Material: Nylon 6.6

- Saddle washers
Material: Nylon 6
Outer diameter:  13mm - 40mm
Inner diameter:  4,2mm - 10,4mm

- Insulating washers
Material: Nylon 6
Outer diameter:  10mm - 25mm
Inner diameter:  2,6mm - 16,2mm

- Plastic locknuts
Material: Nylon 6.6
Width:  18mm - 75mm

Teflon washers are available upon request.

To learn more, download the pdf.