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Product and/or service specifications

CNC spring forming machines

Product categories: Various spring machines 

CNC spring forming machines

CNC Spring Forming Machines with X-Y tool holders, from 0.1mm to 6mm. Up to 16 CNC axes.

Wire range2.3-6.0 mm
Strip size1.0 x 50mm
Max. Spring OD120mm
Leg length100mm
Slide Stroke110 mm
Max. feed speed95 m/min
AxisStandard 11, max. 16
Program storage5000
Machine Dimension(cm)220(W) x 330(D) x 230(H)
Machine Weight7000 KGS
Power220/380 V

- Standard 11 axes: Slide x 8, Feed x 1, Rotary wire x 1, Rotary quill x 1
- Optional: Spinner axis, X-Y tool(left-right), servo cutter, hook station

Model: CSM-1308

- 11-16 axes controller
- Japanese Sanyo Denki motor and driver
- Online machine status check (WiFi connect)
- Quick release roller and wire straightener
- Air conditioner
- Teach edit function
- Optional servo spinner, servo cutter, X-Y tool, hook station, Swiss laser probe 

Wire Diameter0.13-0.8 mm
Strip Size0.2 x 4mm
O.D. Max.20mm
Leg length20mm
Slide Stroke38.7 mm
Max. Feeding Speed90 m/min
Axes LevelMax. 16
Program Storage5000
Weight690 KGS
Power Supply220v 3⌀ 50/60Hz


Model: CSM-1320

- 11-16 axes controller
- Japanese Sanyo Denki motor and driver
- Online machine status check (WiFi connect)
- Quick release roller and wire straightener
- Air conditioner
- Teach edit function
- Optional servo spinner, servo cutter, X-Y tool, hook station, Swiss laser probe

Wire Diameter0.2-2.3 mm
Strip Size0.4 x 12mm
O.D. Max40mm
Leg length60mm
Slide Stroke77.5 mm
Max. eeding Speed90 m/min
Axes LevelMax. 16
Power Supply2200 KGS
Potenza220v 3 r4 50/60Hz

Model: CSM-720S and CSM-760S

- Max. 7 axes CNC controller/Japan Sanyo Denki rnotors and drivers
- Produce torsion, tension, wire forms...varied kinds of springs
- All tools are compatible with CNC-620/CNC-650 machine
- Optional servo spinneG hook station, servo slide, servo cutter

Wire Capacity0.4-2.3mm2.3-6.0mm
Max. Wire Feed Value99999.99mm99999.99mm
Min. Wire Feed Value0.01mm0.01mm
Wire Feed Speed0-90m/min0-90m/min
Max. Cam Movement Value40004000
Min. Cam Movement Value11
Cam Speed0-90 RPM0-75 RPM
Max. Rotary Quill Value40004000
Min. Rotary Quill Value11
Max. Rotary Wire Value36003600
Min. Rotary Wire Value11
Max. Spinner Value3600036000
Min. Spinner Value11
Max. Spring OD40mm120mm
Max. Spring Leg Length60mm100mm
Motor cam3.5kW11kW
Motor feed3.5kW11kW
Motor rotary quill1.0kW1.2kW
Motor rotary wire3.5kW7.5kW
Motor spinner0.4kW1.8kW
Motor hook station1.0kW4.5kW
Power220V, 3 phases220V, 3 phases
Weight1650 KGS6400 KGS

Model: FV-210 (7 Servo Slides + Servo Quill Bending Tool) and FU-205 (One Servo Slide + Servo Quill Bending Tool)

Servo Radial Quill Bending Tool
- Fast, Stable and Accurate for Bending
- 360 Degrees Rotary

- Servo radial quill bending tool can be faster than rotary wire
- Japan Sanyo Denki motors and drivers
- Optional FV-208 model (5 servo slides)
- Optional servo spinner


 Wire Dia. 0.2 ~ 2.0 mm0.2 ~ 2.0 mm
 Wire Feed Speed 0 - 90 m / min0 - 90 m / min
 Feed Value 0.01 mm ~ 99999.99 mm0.01 mm ~ 99999.99 mm
 Slide Movement Value 0.01 mm ~ 70 mm0.01 mm ~ 70 mm
 Servo Quill Bending 0.1° ~ 360°0.1° ~ 360°
 Working Ability  Max. O.D. 50mmMax. O.D. 50mm
 Max. Leg Length 50mmMax. Leg Length 50mm
 Dimensions / Weight 1720mm x 1300mm x 1650mm / 1230kgs1650mm x 900mm x 1950mm / 825kgs
 Power source 3PH/220V, 50/60Hz3PH/220V, 50/60Hz
Axis Number105
Control DeviceIndustrial grade computerIndustrial grade computer