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CNC wire bending machines Numalliance

Product categories: Wire bending, forming and shaping machines 

CNC wire bending machines Numalliance

Pasquali Trading markets 2D and 3D wire benders. Numalliance CNC benders can have from 2 to 7 numerical axes and can bend wire from ø0.8 up to ø16 mm.

The advantage of these machines lies in the innovative method of bending and creating rays through the simultaneous axes interpolation.

In addition, this kind of machines is equipped with a real-time simulated touch screen.

Hereunder all Numalliance available machines:

FD3 numerical axesØ .12 - .47”
F2xx2 numerical axesØ .12 - .48”
F3x3 numerical axesØ .08 - .28”
F4x4 numerical axesØ .04 - .2"
ROBOMAC5 numerical axesØ .08 - .63”
R21xx6 numerical axesØ .065 - .47”
FRX7 numerical axesØ .03 - .16”
FTX7 numerical axesØ .12 - .55”

They are also available to develop machines and customized solutions based on customer's work.

Numalliance produces not only single machines, but also real sets of machines that completely end up also very complex parts.