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PV Ribbon production line

Product categories: Treatment equipment and furnaces 

PV Ribbon production line

PV ribbon is a tinned copper ribbon installed in photovoltaic solar panels. The interconnect ribbon is soldered directly onto silicon crystal to interconnect solar cells in a solar panel. The PV bus bar is installed around the perimeter of the solar panel and connects the interconnect ribbons to the junction box.

PV Ribbon Line is used for production of PV Ribbon. The production includes annealing and cleaning of copper ribbon prior to hot-dip tinning and spooling. This is an acid-free, flux-free, environmentally friendly process. It provides the operator with safe and clean working conditions. The production is fully automated utilizing an easy-to-use operator interface with integrated quality control features.

PV Ribbon Line components:
- Payoff or integrated with rolling mill
- Annealing and surface preparation
- Tinning and wiping
- Cooling
- Takeup with accumulator