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Product and/or service specifications

Cable rewinding lines

Product categories: Spoolers, winders and coilers for cables and optical fibers 

Cable rewinding lines

Rewinding Lines: PS Rewinding Lines are suitable for a wide range of cables. A standard line consists of: Pay off unit, Spark Tester, Meter counter, Take up unit

The following optional units may be included in our line:

- Spark tester: detecting any defect on the cable insulation while operating

- Lump detector: detecting any dimensional defect such as knots, swellings and shrinkages

- Cutting device: electric shears able to cut cables from 0 up to 35 mm of dia.

- Cable marking device: integrated in the line, it prints directly on the cable at a max. linear speed of 320 meters/min. by an ink jet system

- Labelling machine: able to print on an adhesive label such data, regarding the reel just wound up, as reel length, cable type, bar codes, alphanumeric types, drawings and logo.

PS staff has the right of applying any technical modification to the machines of its own production, which are aimed to improve our lines efficiency.

Suitable for cables having a dia. from 5 mm up to 25 mm and from 15 up to 60 mm. Reels diameter: from 800 mm up to 1600 mm and from 1250 mm up to 3000.