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Blind rivets

Product categories: Rivets 

Blind rivets


Rivets are speed fastening systems for non-removable joints. There is a wide range of fasteners, created to satisfy the most various needs and uses

These fastening systems comprises:

blind rivets

structural blind rivets

rivets in cartridge

rivets for specific applications (Fioriv rivets, rivets for solar photovoltaic systems, multistage rivets and the and Masriv rivets)

sealed rivets

plastic rivets



There is a huge variety of types of rivets, which differ in materials, dimensions, shapes of the head, colors and painting. Water-tightness, resistance to vibrations, zinc-coating due to aesthetic requirements, complete their features and properties.

These assembly systems are proposed in the following materials: aluminum, steel, copper, stainless steel, cupronickel or monel.

Rivets are increasingly used in every area of sheet metal working: industrial, automotive, marine, construction, packaging, electronics and appliances.
For the installation of the above listed fastening systems, which goes under the mane of ‘riveting’, there are the specific riveting tools, which can be either hydropneumatic or pneumatic, cordless or hand ones.