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Conti & Reminc thread rolling dies

Product categories: Tools for fastener industry 

Conti & Reminc thread rolling dies

RSL Tooling, specializing in production of tools for fasteners manufacturing, produces and sells rolling dies for licensed products, such as Conti & Reminc.

TAPTITE 2000®: thread rolling fastener designed to provide an innovative new thread design for structural and general purpose applications.

TAPTITE 2000® "SP"™: Thread Rolling Fastener with a shorter point to maximize thread engagement for aluminium applications.

FASTITE® 2000™: fasteners featured to solve assembly issues and increase resistance to stripping for thin metal sheets.

MAGTITE® 2000™: fastener that offers solutions for magnesium alloy materials.

TAPTITE®: thread rolling screws & bolts for metals with a unique configuration to ensure joint integrity.

REMFORM®: thread-forming fastener designed for a wide range of today's plastic.

REMFORM® "F": thread forming screws with finer thread pitch spacing specially designed to suit magnesium and other light alloy materials.

thread-rolling screws designed specifically for plastics.

POWERLOK®: thread locking screws & bolts, that provides a high performance even in repeated assembly/disassembly and particularly used in mass- assembly operations.