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Zirconia (Zr02) sintered ceramics wire guides

Product categories: Surface coatings 

Zirconia (Zr02) sintered ceramics wire guides

RTP Paganoni produces and sells customized zirconia (Zr02) sintered ceramics wire guides. Our ceramic is a yellow partially stabilized Zirconium Oxide, shaped, sintered and finished to net shape.


- Z1000 = Yellow
- Z1500 = Ivory-white
- PAGANOX® = White


- exceptional wear resistance to wire slip;

- high strength material showing high mechanical stress resistance;

- jigh erosion and corrosion resistance (chemical and mechanical). Thanks to this specific property it has been extensively applied for parts in contact with acid or abrasive materials;

- in particular the monolithic ceramic parts (cones for example) give the possibility of several grindings before replacement, with all relative advantages in cost/performaces ratio.