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Guide to SACMA system

Product categories: Cold headers Hot formers 

Guide to SACMA system

Since 1939 we began and still continue to operate according to this corporate philosophy.
With constant determination, enthusiasm and earnest dedication we have been committed ever since, to privilege and unconditionally guarantee the absolute satisfaction of our customers.
As witness of our continued success in the field of cold forming, bolt making and warm forming equipment, always striving to reach ultimate perfection and full commitment to constant evolution, we build machines in, what today the industry considers, the most modern and best equipped manufacturing facility in the world.


Project, design and manufacturing technologies, that constantly foresee the future, in terms of innovation and absolute reliability, are integrated in perfect harmony with people, motivated by the certainty of cooperating in a decisive manner, for the creation of a product, which is beyond the edge of excellence.
At a time when many of our competitors are relocating their production to low-cost countries, we, in order to guarantee our undisputed quality, are expanding our manufacturing facilities in the “Italian Fastener Valley”. For all the above we wish to assert once again our commitment to advise and assist you by manufacturing and supplying machines that will noticeably contribute in shaping, for you, an always better future, together.

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