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Peeling Lines

Product categories: Brushing, descaling and peeling machines 

Peeling Lines

SAS' peeling lines feature prime quality equipment.

Peeling unit
Cutter head tools
Two roll straightening m/c
Chamfering m/c
Control devices
Strapping unit

Peeling Machine - RPF

The SAS RPF peeling machine combines solution efficiency with innovative structural strength allowing for adaptation to the most stringent of requirements and the flexibility to machine wide diameter steel bar.

New guide and alignment technologies have allowed for significant reductions in vibration.
The RPF is designed to provide low maintenance long lastingprecision peeling operations.
The distinctive features of the RPF peeler are:

- Economic production of high quality steel bars.
- Rigid structure.
- Use of vibration dampening materials.
- Innovative cutting tools optimized for large capacity operations.
- Accessibility to the tool changer.

Steel frame base

Monolithic base structure made of rigid welded steel in order to decrease vibrations and defects on bars being processed.
Optimized with FEM verification.


Fully run-in with precision machining tools and mechanically assembled.

Regulating system for feeding rollers

The high diameter rollers are mounted using ball bearings. Rolls’ positioning is made by a self-centering device in order
to guarantee a perfect alignment with peeling tools.

Power Supply System (rotating rollers and bar feed)

The feeding rollers which introduce the bar to the line are each driven by a brushless motor. The synchronism of the peripheral speed of each  roller is controlled by the system encoder.
In the bar-to-bar version a bar length control device checks correct material supply progress while in the coil-to-coil power the cutting speed.
Center Group (entry guide)

Rigid, monolithic, fully run in with precision machining tools.

Guidance System

Guided by three reels positioned at 120°.

System adjustment and setup guide rollers

The system of aligning the guide rollers allows for easy and reliable centering in the XY plane by means of servo motors.
The adjustment of the rollers to the nominal diameter of the bar occurs via the control panel operator.
Adaptive Control

The radial thrust load power is controlled electrically by the engine torque. This solution allows for reversibility; if in the course of processing the torque value exceeds the preset limit, the system will automatically adapt to correct the error.


Stiffness and Clearances
The cutting tool induces high radial rigidity and vibration dampening.

Adjustment of the diameter of peeling

The cutting tool CN controls the calibration of the peeling diameter.
The system allows for an adjustment of +/- 5mm of the diameter of the nominal setup bar, with an accuracy of 0.005mm.

Sealing System

Labyrinth seals are specifically designed for assurance of high operational reliability.



The output of the exit guide can be made accessible by means of the extraction carriage.

Adjustment of the guide assembly:

Tolerance adjustments are made automatically via a specifically designed control system.
The Peeling Unit is complete with chip’s conveyor belt and paper filter.



Rigid electrowelded framework assembled with steel frame base by means of guides.


An innovative concept is applied to transfer system that synchronizes supply unit and extraction GROUP during working cycle.