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Industrial dedusting plants for shot blasting

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Industrial dedusting plants for shot blasting

Shot blasting is a method used to clean, strengthen (peen) or polish metal materials.

Shot blasting is typically performed upon steel, cast iron and metal alloys in general.

The removed layer can be oxide, slag, a galvanic or plastic coating, etc.

Two techniques are used: turbine or air shot blasting.

Turbine shot blasting directly transforms the energy of an electric motor into abrasive kinetic energy by turning a turbine.
In air shot blasting machines, which can be configured as shot blasting chambers or sandblasting cabins, the abrasive material is driven pneumatically with compressed air and is directed onto the component via dispensers.

For this particular sector SO.TEC proposes three types of filtration systems:

- FMK25 dedusting cassette filter
- Atex FMKZ25 and FKZ25 dust filters
- FMC200 cartridge filter

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