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Flexible conductors on aluminum or aluminum alloy for both automotive and energy applications

Product categories: Electrical wires and optical fibers 

Flexible conductors on aluminum or aluminum alloy for both automotive and energy applications

TEC.AL.CO. is a Company leader in the production of Aluminum and aluminium alloys flexible conductors (Cl5 and Cl6) for both Automotive and Energy distribution applications.
In particular, Tecalco is one of the first companies in the world to have cooperated with the most important multinational companies in the research, design, and homologation phases of aluminum flexible cables for Automotive applications. The significant advantages in terms of lightness, cost-effectiveness and sustainability make the aluminum cables suitable to replace the traditional copper cables in the harnesses.
The significant know how developed in the production of flexible conductors, together with the high and sophisticated technological level of its own production process, makes TECALCO capable to offer a wide range of flexible conductors in aluminum and aluminum alloys, which includes:

- strands with a cross section between 0,25 and 10 sq. mm having concentric or non-concentric construction. In particular, the strands come from the bunching of more multiwire elements (having the same or a different formation) and are produced on double twist bunching machines with a rotation speed up to 2.500 rotation/minute.

- flexible ropes with a cross section between 12 and 800 sq. mm having a bunched, pre-stranded, concentric, compacted and/or sectoral construction. The flexible ropes are produced through a state-of-the-art stranding lines, capable of working up to 127 wires/strands simultaneously.

Technical characteristics


Conductors produced in accordance with the international standard officially recognized. Constructions customized according to the technical specifications required by the Customer.

Packing: assorted sizes metal or wooden spools