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Mobile welding unit SF

Product categories: Resistance welders 

Mobile welding unit SF

The SF welder offers significant advantages when compared to commercially available butt welders:

- low operating costs: it consumes approximately 20% of the energy used by a butt welder of the same size;

- instant installation: three-phase electrical connection;

- near-total elimination of manual grinding operations;

- operators’ safety: activities are straightforward, safe and non-fatiguing;

- workbench with height adjustment: easier wire handling and reduced risk of contact between the operator and the wire;

- shorter welding time: the duration of the whole process ranges from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 10 minutes (Ø size from 14 to 33 mm);

- storage of welding parameters (processing time and quantity of filler material);

- possibility to weld different materials together;

- no additional power supply required for tempering welded parts;

- elimination of power factor correction systems for electricity lines.