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SCF wire heater for stainless steel wires

Product categories: Various fastener machines 

SCF wire heater for stainless steel wires

The SCF wire heater is a unit designed to pre-heat stainless steel wire of 2 to 20 mm diameter before cold heading. The pre-heating up to 300°C (450°C on the 308S model), is carried out by converting the electric power into heat onto the wire only, thus providing a uniform distribution of the temperature and improving the material plasticity.

Surely a clever alternative to both the old-fashioned dangerous and costly gas system which cannot guarantee any proper deformation of the material, as well as to the quite expensive induction heaters.

• Lowest energy consumption and low power required;

• wear life increased by 45% compared to the older gas systems and by 80% compared to cold forming;

• improved wire plasticity and uniform material deformation;

• reduced material waste and machine downtime due to tool breakage;

• this unit is provided to heat the wire up to 300°C (450°C on the 308S model) by displaying the relevant value;

• the use of lowest voltage electric current allows to reduce any costs, inefficiencies and dangers of older gas systems;

• the wire heater is a stand-alone unit, separated from the cold header - and can be set up quickly and easily;

• at any machine stop the generated heat is immediately balanced and adjusted to the required temperature, thus eliminating all the issues associated with stress control and over-heating of the wire.