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Uncoiler for wire coils

Product categories: Wire pay-offs 

Uncoiler for wire coils

The Uncoiler TP 21 SM is a unit designed to take up wire coils and feed them into the cold header. It can handle wire coils of up to 3 tons, with diameter rangin from 10 to 21 mm. The coils are positioned vertically, which is the ideal position for unwinding the wire rod.

• Zero scrap: the coil end is straightened and the wire is completely used up;

• great saving of labor and material costs;

• easy and quick set-up and maintenance;

• the unit is completely independent from the cold header or the one-draft drawing block;

• the wire coil change can be performed in a few minutes and no special skill from the operator is required;

• can be one single operator works in fully safe conditions. No physical effort is required, thus avoiding any risk of professional illnesses.

• the vertical positioning of wire coils prevents the cold header from stopping due to any overlapping of un-drawn wire;

• it can handle heavy wire coils of large sizes within very restricted areas, thus reducing the machine downtime during the feeding operations.