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Wire straightener-feeder for cold headers and wire processing machines

Product categories: Other machines for the production of wire and strip 

Wire straightener-feeder for cold headers and wire processing machines

The TP21 wire straightener-feeder is designed to ensure an easy, quick and safe feeding of the wire into high-speed cold forming presses for the manufacture of screws, rivets, and other metal parts, or the in-line feeding for various types of wire processing.

When performing these activities, the operator assisted by the machine can work in full autonomy and within very short times. In addition it eliminates any manual labor and consequently any risks due to muscle overstretch required for handling very hard wires of large diameters:

• the mechanical strength of the thrust rollers ensures an easy, quick, and safe wire pointing and splicing between the end of the coil being fed and the tail of the previously processed one;

• another essential operation performed by the TP 21 Wire straightener-feeder is the straightening of the coil ends. This feature allows to make full use of the wire and eases welding operations with the following coil;

• this equipment ensures considerable savings due to a quick change of the wire coil and splicing, a better use of the wire and a reduction of costs associated with safety (accidents and professional illnesses).