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Stirrup bender

Product categories: Wire bending, forming and shaping machines 

Stirrup bender

Automatic stirrup bending machine, controlled by CNC, quickly and automatically measure, straighten, bend and cut, instead of 20~30workers.



Stirrup bending machine types:WG16A/WG16B/WG12B-2/WG-12E/WG-12D


(stirrup bending machine) Straightening system: one horizontal straightening unit and one vertical straightening unit (patented technology) combine with 4 traction rolls drove by servo motor, this ensures wires can reach the most accurate straightening effect.

(stirrup bending machine) Material feeding system: 2 payoffs with brakes, suitable for single and double strand, buffer unit can reduce the resistance and instability during the process of decoiling.

(stirrup bending machine) Bending and cutting system (patented technology): bending arm driven by servo motor can protrude or draw back while bending different angles, when cutting system receives signal, it will finish cutting work synchronously.

(stirrup bending machine) Control system: CNC control with malfunction alarm, PLC, servo motor and electric components use Japan and Germany brand.

(stirrup bending machine) Can edit any 2D shapes with max. 50 angles, the data base can store more than 500 shapes.Different shapes can be processed continuously without stop, furthermore no need to stop the processing while adjusting the bending angle.

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