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Wire cold rolling machine

Product categories: Cold rolling machines 

Wire cold rolling machine

Wire cold rolling machine


ISO9001:2000, CE & TUV


Hot rolled wire (raw material) ---- Decoiling (overhead payoff) ---Mechanical descaling ---Drawing lubrication---Rolling and profiling cassettes       Vertical drawing (drum) ----Stress relaeasing ---Horizontal spooling


n         Wire rod overhead pay-off equipped with 2 hydraulically pivotable coil formers, malfunction sensor for emergency stop.

n         Central control system: SIMENS transducer, SIMENS PLC electronic control system, the main control cabinet equipped with all safety sensors and devices and the air condition system.

n         All-closed integrative main machine, high safety and reliability, reducing the noise and powder pollution.

n         Compact rolling and profiling cassettes, designed as double-three roll cassettes with 2*3 forks each to carry the rolls, tungsten carbide smooth rolls and ribbed rolls, equipped with complete water cooling system.


1.       Hydraulic wire rod overhead pay-off

2.       Tungsten carbide rolls

3.       Stress releasing unit

4.       Compact main machine

5.       Hydraulic spooler

6.       SIMENS control system









Wire rod inlet tensile stress

Min 440 [N/mm2]

Min 440 [N/mm2]

Wire rod inlet diameter range

5.5 – 13.5 [mm]

5.5 – 13.5 [mm]

Wire rod outlet tensile stress

Min 550 [N/mm2]

Min 550 [N/mm2]

Wire rod outlet diameter range

5 – 12 [mm]

5 – 12 [mm]

Wire rod outlet surface

plain or deformed

plain or deformed

Production rate

Max. 6 [m/sec]

Max. 9 [m/sec]

Drawing unit power

132 [KW]

185 [KW]

Spooler power

37 [KW]

44.5 [KW]

Total installed power

172 [KW]

230 [KW]

Finished coil weight

Max. 2,000 [Kg]

Max. 3,000 [Kg]

Speed adjust method

A.C transducer, steplessly adjustable

A.C transducer, steplessly adjustable