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Hardening and tempering steels drawn coils and bars

Product categories: Round Bars Square bars Hexagonal bars Special profiles 

Hardening and tempering steels drawn coils and bars

Founded in 1961, Trafileria Mauri is a specialist in the production of drawn steel products.

In particular, the company produces and sells drawn coils and bars with round, square and hexagonal section and with special profiles in hardening and tempering steels.

Hardening and tempering steels have a particular chemical composition obtained by the heat treatment of hardening and tempering at about 600°. This makes them ideal for the construction of mechanical parts subjected to high static and dynamic loads.

Trafileria Mauri supplies drawn products in many types of hardening and tempering steels, including:

- 34CrMo4
- 34CrMoS4
- 40Crv4
- 42CrMo4
- 42CrMoS4
- 51CrV4
- C22
- C22E
- C22R
- C35
- C35E
- C35R
- C40
- C40E
- C40R
- C45
- C45E
- C45R
- C50
- C50E
- C50R