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Product and/or service specifications

Drawn wire for general uses

Product categories: Other drawn wire Plating quality wire Electrode wire 

Drawn wire for general uses

- Low carbon drawn steel wire
- Bright drawn wire for bending, forming, welding, galvanizing and chromium plating
- Drawn wire for electrodes manufacturing
- Drawn wire for steel wool.

Use and handling: mechanical engineering; production of gratings, baskets, wire mesh, nails, threaded bars; automotive, etc.

Package type A
Rosette (orbit) inner bore 400 mm, 800/900 mm outside diameter, weight 200/1000Kg

Package type B
Reel bore 540/600 mm, height 600/700 mm, weight 1000/2000 kg.
Rotating clockwise or counterclockwise.

Package type C
Returnable reel, weight 1000 Kg, external diameter 800/900 mm

Package type D
Reel on pallet, weight 500/1000 Kg