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Strap and wire chippers

Product categories: Other machines for wire and flat wire production 

Strap and wire chippers

The Sommer chipper mod. SR 517 has been designed to solve all the problems related to the storage of scrap wire and strips. The SR 517 reduces all linear materials like wire and strips into a roughly 75 mm long scraps, assuring the reduction of scrap material volume from 20 to 1. In terms of volume reduction, management of scrap material, and more free space available the advantages are clear.

The SR 517 is incredibly powerful and fast: a special feeding system pulls the material to be eliminated inside where it will be chipped. The wastes are automatically thrown into a container located under the machine. The SR 517 chipper is a very strong and high-quality product, manufactured with the best materials available. The intake of the machine is provided with a security device that assures the absolute safety of the operators. The chipping knife can be rotated up to four times before replacing it. All these factors ensures the machine runs smoothly and continuously.