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Borax free salt coating

Product categories: Powder lubricants 

Borax free salt coating

TRAXIT INTERNATIONAL supplies the wire drawing industry with a complete range of borax free coatings:

The TRAXIT ZEL 512 was especially designed as an in-line coating after mechanical descaling that can be used on single blocks or multi-pass drawing machines with up to 14 passes.
Its short drying time allows a high incoming speed at the first block. The special crystallisation of the coating provides a very smooth final wire surface.

The TRAXIT ZEL 503 is based on silicates and it produces strong film on the wire surface. It is recommended for mechanically descaled wire rod and annealed wire at in-line processes.

The TRAXIT ZEL 565 meets the requirements of the latest drawing technologies, by containing only small amounts of sulphates and no boron compounds.
Particularly indicated for the production of welding wire and bright wire, this product is used in a dipping process and provides good corrosion protection.