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Carton erector type JB

Product categories: Various machines and accessories Packaging and storage 

Carton erector type JB

Suitable to erect 3 flap boxes or dispanse boxes from a single pre-cut sheet. Machine automatically changes base box size. Maximum capacity: 30 boxes/min. A set of tooling is necessary for each box base size.


Machine supplied with:


- Hot-melt unit with 2 spray heads.
- Cassette sheet magazine for max. 1.000 sheets depends on size.
- 1 set of male tooling for 1 box base size.
- Automatic box push-out unit after forming.
- Adjustable glue setting per box height.
- Automatic adjustable female part to form the boxes in sizes between 95 x 60 mm and 290 x 160 mm (length x wide).
- Automatic sheet magazine lift.