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Lift and tip unit to bring bulk containers to higher level

Product categories: Various fastener machines Lifting and handling 

Lift and tip unit to bring bulk containers to higher level

The Weighpack series LU lifting and tipping units are characterized by an heavy duty construction, combined with extensive safe guarding. The units are easy to operate and maintenance-free.
Weighpack can construct each holding unit container for every type of container or multiple containers.
Within the LU and tip units all dangerous and moving parts are fully shielded according to European (CE) and USA (OSHA) safety requirements.


Options that are available within lift and tip units.
- Automatic start
- Vibrating bar
- Automatic return
- Multiple tip
- S7-20 micro controller
- Hydraulic flap
- Pneumatic door lock
- Automatic container supply
- Automatic container identification
- Others on request




- Capacity from 100 kg to 2000 kg.
- Tip heights from 1000MM to 6000MM.


Options that are included:


- Overload security for too heavy containers presented in unit
- Safety shrouding
- Pneumatic operated security door
- Automatic return after tipping