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Linear weigher for heavy and long products

Product categories: Various fastener machines Packaging and storage 

Linear weigher for heavy and long products

Automatic weighing counting machine with high speed vibratory feed system with bulk and fine product flow. Digital electronic controls for cut-off and final weight. Mounted on heavy duty framework.
Machine characteristics of the following parameters:

- Capacity: up to 6-8 discharges/min.
- 2-tray feed system between 230 mm and 400 mm width. Other sizes are available.
- Incorporated adjustable fine feed finger with bulk tray.
- Pre-weigh under primary tray for consistent product flow.
- Weight range: from 10 to 35.000 g. depending on machine model.
- Resolution: external +/- 1 g., internal +/- 0,1 g.
- Self-check facility to avoid underweight.
- Vibratory speed control by digital setting.
- 500 codes to memorise machine setting.