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Monoctopus – Bolt inspection system

Product categories: Measuring and testing equipment 

Monoctopus – Bolt inspection system

Bolt inspection system is an high speed machine designed for the 100% sorting and inspection of headed ferrous parts. Detection system not sensible to oil or dust.


Machine equipped With:

- Centrifugual feeder, inner Ø Ca. 750 Mm.
- Outfeed conveyor belt with adjustable guides.
- Roller feedsystem, adjustable in widths, to orient bolts.
- Mechanical sorting of products between driven rollers.
- Interval feature to feed product in correct timing depending on size.
- Slide and 1 coil with digital “Ec Detect System”.


Sort parameters:

- Thread.
- Pitch And Number Of Threads.
- Diameters, Tapers (Angle).
- Lengths (Shank, Overall).
- Thread Length.
- Head Height.
- Radius.
- Heat Treatment.
- Cracks In Shaft Or Head.
- Missing Thread.
- Diameter Differences.
- Length Differences.