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Spring multiformer machines

Product categories: Multi-former for springs 

Spring multiformer machines

All multiformers supplied by Koradi are made of high quality materials and excellent components, equipped with precise, robust and efficient mechanics, and provided with B&R electronic brushless servomotors and ZF precision low-play servogearboxes.

GX40 Multiformers (PDF)

The GX-40 multislide is equipped with 14 standard axes and can be implemented up to 18 axes. Thanks to its innovative technique, it is possible to produce springs and extremely complex bent wire parts easily and at high rates. In addition to rotating the quill and wire, the entire upper fold assembly unit moves sideways and can rotate on itself.
The 7 radial slides come with the "lateral swing" movement, controlled by an additional axis. The standard set up includes 2 probes and 4 programmable ON / OFF pneumatic cylinders. Provided with precise, robust and efficient mechanics, it is equipped with electronic and brushless servomotors produced by B&R and precision low-play servogearboxes by ZF. The machine can be completed with 2 spinners, 1 servo cutter and 1 looping machine.

Multiformer HX

The position of the quill has no limits! This is the innovative concept of the new multi-sliders up to 21 axes, designed to produce high-speed, extremely complex bent springs and wire parts. In addition to the rotation of the quill and the wire, the whole group moves on 3 independent and interpolating axes (X Y Z).

Multiformers Nucoil HX35 (PDF).
Multiformers Nucoil HX60 (PDF).