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Capacitance measurement systems for cable production lines

Product categories: Measuring and testing equipment 

Capacitance measurement systems for cable production lines

The CAPAC® HS high speed capacitance measurement systems from ZUMBACH guarantee accurate and reliable measurements of the coaxial capacitance of telephone cables, coax cables, data and LAN cables (cat. 5, 6, 7, 8) at the high bandwidth and low noise level. The systems offer various advantages and possibilities of in-line capacitance measurement. E.g:

• Accurate, continuous measurement and monitoring of the products capacitance
• Communication with higher level systems, including PROFIBUS DP
• FFT analysis and absolute value simultaneously
• SRL prediction up to 6.5GHz
• Process control as well as statistical monitoring and production logging
• Pinhole function; pinhole and bare patch detection in the production
• High speed analogue output
• Very low noise level
• Digital output for connection to processors and display units
• Separate processor and display for mounting flexibility
• OEM application solutions



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