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Products and services

Wire and cable armoring machines

Wire and cable armoring machinesArmoring Machines are used for the production of flex pipe conduit and armored cables. They can produce a wide variety of flat or round armor as large as 4" in diameter, and as small as 1/4" in diameter. CALMEC produces 1 ¼” 2” and 4” machines, at speeds up to 1400 RPM.

Conduit Machines

Conduit MachinesConduit Machines are used for the continuous production of flexible square profile and fully interlocked conduit, for steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. They can produce a wide variety of round conduit up to 4 1/2" in diameter, and as small as 1/2" in diameter. CALMEC produces 2” and 4” machines, with a 6” machine in development, at speeds up to 1200 RPM.

Taping Machines

Taping MachinesTaping machines are used for continuous constant tension taping of multiple tape materials over cables.

Cater Pullers

Cater PullersCater Pullers are used as a means of providing consistent pull of conduit and cables, usually as the product is exiting out of a prior process such as armoring or extruding, or even from a pay-off. They can pull a wide variety of flat or round armor as large as 5" in diameter, and as small as 1/4" in diameter. Our Cater Pullers come with different styles of belts, depending on the application.


CapstansCalmec produces multiple types of single wheel Capstans, used as constant tensioning devices for pulling single wires, multiple wires, cable, or conduit. Belt Wrap Capstans for small wires or large cables range from 12” to 72” in diameter, with speeds up to 1000 feet per minute. Steel Drum Capstans for conduit or armored cable can run in conjunction with Armoring Machines.


AccumulatorsCALMEC has produced both vertical and horizontal accumulators. They are available with both pneumatic and electric movement of the traveling sheave assembly. Some important factors to consider in the design of an accumulator are the size range of product to be run, the amount of accumulation required, the product tension, and building size restrictions


Take-UpsCALMEC has a wide range of take-ups to suit most requirements. From the smaller spoolers to the large roll through bridge type machines, CALMEC offers a great selection of styles. Choosing which style is best for your application involves deciding what products are to be run on the unit, the size range of product, the line speed range, the floor space available, as well as budget.


SpoolersSpoolers are usually designed to accommodate a single small size reel. They are usually designed for higher speed winding of small sized products, where an accurate traverse is required to provide good winding. They are usually the most automated style of take-up, with servo controls for traversing.. Size Range: 12"-36" diameter Speed Range: 100-1000 FPM Maximum Reel Weight: 100 - 2000 lbs Drive Type: AC or DC geared motor

Coil winders

Coil windersCoil Winders are used for production winding of small coils of cable or conduit, generally under 1000' in length. They can be operated individually or be remotely controlled as auxiliary equipment in a process line.

Measuring Units

Measuring UnitsCALMEC produces both belt and wheel style length measuring units in different sizes. Measuring can be done bi-directionally with various formats. All units have encoder feedback to a pre-determined counter, which can be programmed to suit the customer's requirements. All belts/wheels to product contact can be either weight set or pneumatically pressure adjustable. Height adjustment is permissible on all pedestal units.