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Products and services

Resistance welding equipment - butt welders

Resistance welding equipment - butt weldersManual butt welders, automatic butt welders and flashing butt welders

Resistance welding equipment spot / projection welders

Resistance welding equipment spot / projection weldersResistance welding equipment spot / projection welders

Twin spot modular welding unit

Twin spot modular welding unitThe twin spot welding units are the most suitable solution for single side welding and they ensure the possibility to realise multi spot welding equipment in a simple and cheap way. Each twin spot unit is fitted with its own WS708 welding control, thus allowing independent operation or, by connecting more units together, you can weld either in electric or pneumatic cascade or simultaneously.

Multi-axis robotized welding equipment

Multi-axis robotized welding equipmentVOYAGER equipment is a robotized system working on more axes for resistance spot or projection welding of work pieces placed in proper jigs. Flexibility, productivity and easy programming are the main features of VOYAGER equipment, suitable also for small series mesh and of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium lamination parts. configurations.

Resistance welding equipment seam welders

Resistance welding equipment seam weldersResistance welding equipment seam welders

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