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Products and services

PC strand lines

PC strand linesLines and complete plants for the production of P.C. wire and 3-wire and 7-wire normal, compact and zinc-plated strand for pre-stressed concrete (normal and low-relaxation).- Batch pickling...

PC wire lines

PC wire linesPC wire is a similar product of PC strand but it is composed of a single wire. The production process differs only by the fact that there is no stranding. PC wire is used as a reinforcement of concrete railroad tiles and can be supplied in coils or pre cut and threaded bars. In this case as well the heat treatment is performed by an induction furnace that can be sized up to 650 kW in power.

Wet drawing lines

Wet drawing linesFor bare, brass-plated, copper-plated and zinc-plated carbon steel wires, stainless steel wires and alloys for every application.- Slip-type with cones or single capstans, vertical and horizontal axis- Combined with...

Dry drawing lines

Dry drawing linesFor bare and galvanised carbon steel wires, stainless steel wires and alloys for every application.- Bull-block, straight-through multi-block- Sensor or dancer arm synchronisation- Enhanced turbo cold narrow gap...

Pay-off and take-ups units

Pay-off and take-ups unitsGCREurodraw can propose a wide range of payoffs and take-ups at very competitive prices. Our range of equipment includes the following models...

Cold rolling lines

Cold rolling linesThe GCR Eurodraw cold rolling lines have been a worldwide best seller for the past 15 years...

Wire rod preparation lines

Wire rod preparation linesFor bare and galvanised carbon steel wires, stainless steel wires and alloys for every application.- Rod mechanical descaling - Rod electrolytic pickling- Rod...

Double twist stranders

Double twist strandersGCREurodraw has more than 30 years of experience in the design and construction of plants and machinery for the production of strand and rope for every possible application.

Skip and tubular stranders

Skip and tubular strandersSKIP and TUBULAR machines can be supplied with a wide choice of haul-off capstans groups, including capstans with the capacity of stretching and/or compacting the product...

Cable wrapping machines

Cable wrapping machinesWe have developed two types of cable wrapping machines...

Wire surface treatment lines

Wire surface treatment linesWire processing lines are all lines that either make a thermal treatment to the wire or apply a coating to the wire.

Pas and N2 wipe systems for galvanizing lines

Pas and N2 wipe systems for galvanizing linesIn a hot dip galvanizing line, the wipe system is essential to achieve the correct coating weight and also to control the costs of the process.

Batch pickling plants

Batch pickling plantsWhen a wire production plant capacity exceeds 40.000 tons a year it can be economical to install a batch pickling plan, especially when dealing with high carbons steel wire.

Stick electrode cutting lines

Stick electrode cutting linesGCR Eurodraw has designed a high performance line to cut stick electrodes at very high speed. The machine can be in line with a wire drawing line or can be used stand alone and fed from a spool payoff.

Auxiliary equipment for wire plants

Auxiliary equipment for wire plantsGCREurodraw has selected a number of highly qualified suppliers from whom it sources all the auxiliary and ancillary equipment that a wire plant may need...