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Compax ® (PCD) – Unsupported die blanks

Compax ® (PCD) – Unsupported die blanksUnsupported die blanks are free standing polycrystalline diamond cylinders that are either electrically conductive (MF) or thermally stable (TS). Both MF and TS versions are available in a 5 micron diamond grain size with dimensional sizing from D-6 to D-18 and a sub-micron diamond grain size from D-6 to D-12.

Compax ® (PCD) – Supported die blanks

Compax ® (PCD) – Supported die blanksCemented carbide-supported die blanks are a polycrystalline diamond core integrally bonded to a cemented carbide support ring. All supported die blanks offer an electrically conductive polycrystalline diamond core. The 3-50 micron diamond grain size, aligned with the industry standard D-12 to D-36 dimensions provide a full array of options when the application requires a cemented carbide-supported die blank.

Versimax™ Diamond composite die blanks

Versimax™ Diamond composite die blanksVersimax ™ is a ceramic-bonded diamond composite with exceptional wear resistance, mechanical strength and high thermal stability. Versimax die blanks are free standing cylinders (up to 35mm OD), which are electrically conductive and can be easily pierced using EDM technology. Versimax die blanks are thermally stable up to 1,200°C. Special sizes are available upon request. Versimax™ die blanks are currently used in wire stranding, bunching and compacting applications...

Cemented carbide dies, rough

Cemented carbide dies, roughSandvik offers an extensive product portfolio for drawing solutions. Our wide selection of wet and dry drawing dies is designed according to the main standards or customer specifications. Our unique hot casing process is capable of handling high volumes and provides increase die life, better stress balance and improved heat dissipation.

Cemented carbide nibs, blank

Cemented carbide nibs, blankSandvik offers nibs for wire drawing dies, both for soft and hard materials, in a wide range of cemented carbide grades. Wet drawing of tire cord wire is exceptionally performed using our 6UD and H3F cemented carbide grades. Stainless steel, galvanized and brass coated wires are the perfect match for our RS1T product. Our cemented carbide wire drawing products are commonly used in the forming of these materials:

New cemented carbide grade RS1T

New cemented carbide grade RS1TRS1T is the next generation of cemented carbide to improve wire drawing. A balanced combination of different carbides provides excellent low friction properties. Reduced adhesion during drawing process of stainless steel, galvanized and brass coated wire provides a huge range of benefits. For coated and galvanized products it prevents the coating loss of the wire. More lubricant on wire surface is improving die life till 3 times, eliminating scratches on the wire and increase drawing speed.

Polishing supplies (diamond-based products)

Polishing supplies (diamond-based products)A combination of premium diamond powder and superior lubricants make up the Sandvik compounds, slurries and suspensions product offering. These products are the ideal answer for finishing wire die surfaces and can be custom formulated for your wire drawing conditions.

Cemented carbide rolls for hot rolling (bars and rebars)

Cemented carbide rolls for hot rolling (bars and rebars)Cemented carbide rolls for rolling mills. Sandvik rolls handle round, square and hexagonal bars as well as rebars.