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Products and services

HIgh carbon wire production lines

HIgh carbon wire production linesFor High Carbon wire production we have installed projects that are currently producing: - DV 60 to 120+ - wire diameter 0.8 mm to 12.0 mm - commercial and heavy zinc coating

Low carbon wire production lines

Low carbon wire production linesFor Low Carbon wire production we have installed projects that are currently producing: - DV 60 to 200+ - wire diameter 0.8 mm to 16.0 mm - commercial and heavy zinc coating

Direct fired austenitizing furnace

Direct fired austenitizing furnaceThe direct fired austenitizing furnace is made as a structural steel frame with insulating and wear resistant refractory...

Fluidbed austenitizing furnace

Fluidbed austenitizing furnaceAfter years of R & D, specific to high carbon wire heat treatment, l.C.E. has completed the design practical testing for a high temperature fluid bed furnace...

Lead quenching furnace

Lead quenching furnaceThe lead quench furnace is designed to bring wire temperature from austenitizing (900° C) to the quench temperature (525° C) within the critical 3 - 5 seconds to ensure proper ...

Horizontal lead quenching furnaces

Horizontal lead quenching furnacesFor larger diameter wires, l.C.E. has engineered and installed a horizontal lead quench furnace. In this design, the wire passes horizontally through the high temperature and lead quench furnaces without bending or the use of a sinker bar...

Fluidbed quenching furnace

Fluidbed quenching furnaceThe fluid bed quench furnace uses an operator safe alumina sand to transfer the heat from the wires in the quench process...

Fluidbed annealing furnaces

Fluidbed annealing furnacesIn the fluid bed annealing furnace the wire strands are passed horizontally through a Fluidized Bed of Cecan Sand particles. the fluidized particles totally surround the wires. The fluidizing movement creates ideal conditions for the rapid transfer of heat to the wire...

Lead annealing furnace

Lead annealing furnaceA less costly option for annealing wire is the traditional lead furnace. This can be installed as a single unit or two furnaces in tandem (one pre-heat & one annealing)...

Tempering furnaces

Tempering furnacesTempering of wire (often alter oil quench) can be done in a specially designed fluid bed furnace. The modifications to the typical design will allow for the necessary cleaning of contamination which is a usual part of an oil tempering installation...
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