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Products and services

Handmade needles

Handmade needlesWide range of needles for particular applications: leather work, sailing and seamanship, upholstery, tannery, packing, valuable cloth such as silk, etc.Our handymen do the work with special tools, workmanship and skill, also thanks...

Nylon hook with metallic sharp end

Nylon hook with metallic sharp endNylon hook with metallic sharp end Sent to the market under the CIAS Trade Mark, the hook is a largely consumed product, obtained from the technologies of an industrial use of metallic sharp end.

Small metal products from wire

Small metal products from wireSmall metal products from wire intended for agriculture, animal husbandry and related services, other manufacturing industries, paper industry, publishing and printing,...

Steel nails

Steel nailsSteel nailsCIAS Trade MarkMaterial: C72 steel Hardness: HRC 50/52 oil heating Finishing: bright blue, brass plated, galvanized

Tools and accessories for alimentary use

Tools and accessories for alimentary useTools and accessories for alimentary use