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Products and services

Hush® pulling-in dogs

Hush® pulling-in dogsHush® dogs have been designed using the experience gained over 25 years of supplying the world's wire industry with pulling-in dogs. Recommended for the lighter drawing applications, in particular for mild steel and for the softer non-ferrous applications.

Lock on dogs

Lock on dogsLock on dogs are known for their positive locking action, long jaw life, minimal maintenance and are suitable for the harder wires and higher kilogram pull.

Fittings for Hush® and lock on dogs

Fittings for Hush® and lock on dogsBoth Hush® and lock on dogs can be fitted to most existing chain assemblies, but we can supply any of the attachments shown, for example a block peg for round holes, block hook for dovetail pockets and encapsulated chains for block protection.