Maillefer Extrusion Oy

Ensimmäinen savu, P.O.Box 176,
Vantaa -
Finland (01510)
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Products and services

Maillefer Factory System

Maillefer Factory SystemLet us introduce a new way to seize your business opportunities in both existing and new market segments.

Maillefer Consultation

Maillefer ConsultationHow would you define a competitive production? For us it means increasing the lifetime value of your technology in different production and market circumstances. We do it by empowering people, production and productivity – by equipping you with the right competency.

Automotive wire production lines

Automotive wire production linesWhat if you could keep your costs down, yet still manufacture quality automotive wire? With our automotive wire application, this is possible to achieve by using less raw materials, quick color changes and faster speeds.

Building wire production lines

Building wire production linesWould you like to produce quality building wire while keeping its cost per production meter under control? By using less raw materials, you keep your costs down while you create more products, and profit.

Coaxial cable production lines

Coaxial cable production linesHow much would you appreciate the ability to quickly produce coaxial cables of exceptional quality? Through implementation of our high-expansion insulation technology, along with our fast sheathing technology, you can quickly manufacture coaxial cables that meet international standards.

LAN cable production lines

LAN cable production linesWould your business benefit from technology which helps you to produce premium LAN high category cables? By adopting our ExtrucellTM physical foaming process, you will meet the international standards for high-end LAN cables, as well as signal railway cables.

Low voltage cable production lines

Low voltage cable production linesAre your low voltage cable production processes holding back your business? Our applications for low voltage cable production help you control material consumption. In addition, we can help you shorten your lead times.

Medium, high and extra high voltage cable production lines

Medium, high and extra high voltage cable production linesAre you looking for minimum operation costs? Our applications for MV, HV and EHV cable production meet the tightest demands for quality and performance.

Fiber optic cable production lines

Fiber optic cable production linesWould you like to help further develop the telecommunications world? Communication networks currently rely on fiber optic cables. Whether you produce cables for FTTx, wireless networks or local area networks, cable quality and production reliability are key to your success.

Rubber cable production lines

Rubber cable production linesWould you like to win over customers with versatile, high-performance production of rubber power cables? From the smallest low voltage safety cables, to high-end medium voltage and massive mining cables, we supply the technology you need to succeed.
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