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Products and services

Rubber cable production line upgrades

Rubber cable production line upgradesWould you like to win over customers with versatile, high-performance production of rubber power cables? From the smallest low voltage safety cables, to high-end medium voltage and massive mining cables, we supply the technology you need to succeed.

Telecommunication cable production line upgrades

Telecommunication cable production line upgradesAre you a producer of telecommunications cables who would like to enjoy the benefits of high-speed, versatile production? Our technology allows you to utilize a variety of materials in your insulation and sheathing processes. In addition, your products are manufactured at high speeds.

Aviation and aerospace wire production line upgrades

Aviation and aerospace wire production line upgradesWould you like to produce extremely thin fluoro-polymer insulation for micro-coaxial cables? Our unique technology is designed to handle very small wires with high stability at low tension.

Automotive tube production lines

Automotive tube production linesWhat tube extrusion technology is available that can cope with very thin functional layers of expensive polymers? Multilayer co-extrusion tubes are demanded in today's automotive applications.

Heating and plumbing pipe production lines

Heating and plumbing pipe production linesThe pipe is used in private homes or public buildings for the transportation of hot and cold potable water as well as for radiant or floor heating. The main materials used are polyetylene (PE), crosslinked (PEX) or non-crosslinked (PERT), which provide long term heat & pressure resistance. Maillefer offers several technologies covering the main market needs and pipe standards (ASTM, NSF CSA & EN ISO).

Irrigation pipe production lines

Irrigation pipe production linesWhere do you turn to for complete manufacturing systems for the production of micro-drip irrigation tubes? Configurations are available for cylindrical and flat drippers as well as thin and thick wall constructions. All components are available from a single source and offer a fully integrated solution.

Medical tube production lines

Medical tube production linesHow fast can you extrude medical tubing, which best meets the medical industry requirements and standards? High production quality is a must. Soft PVC tube is widely used in numerous medical applications.

Micro-duct pipe production lines

Micro-duct pipe production linesWhat are the specifications for a microduct extrusion line, which produces pipes popular in blown fiber telecommunication networks? Get a highly productive line and premium quality for the final product that is essential to be succesful.

Off-shore pipe production lines

Off-shore pipe production linesDoes Maillefer offer extrusion solutions for offshore flexible risers and flowlines as well as umbilical pipe that are commonly used for deepwater oil field exploitation? These demanding pipes must handle temperature, pressure under extreme conditions. Onshore flexible pipe share share some of these requirements.

Special pipe production lines

Special pipe production linesWhat kind of special tube or pipe do you have to produce? Did you know that tubes & pipes are found in the most unusual places? From soda fountains to aerosol cans and from district heating to explosives, we all come in contact them at some times during our daily lives.
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