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Products and services

Natural and single diamond dies

Natural and single diamond diesWe manufacture Natural diamond dies in the size range of 0,010- 1,200 mm. We use Kimberly Process certified rough diamond stones. Every diamond stone is individually inspected under polarised Microscope and only flawless Diamonds are selected. The rough diamonds are flattened with respect to 111 plane orientation to give every die maximum strength to withstand rough & tough drawing conditions and maximum number of recuts.

Polycrystalline and SMP dies

Polycrystalline and SMP diesWe manufacture Polycrystalline diamond dies in the size range of 0.025–32 mm. PCD blanks are available in 2 types - Self supported and Tungsten ring supported. Also different grain sizes (1,3, 5, 10, 25 & 50 microns) are available . The PCD blanks are purchased from well known manufacturers mainly M/s Sandvik Hyperion (Formerly Diamond Innovations / GE), M/s Sumitomo & SF diamonds etc.

Polycrystalline enameling dies

Polycrystalline enameling diesWe manufacture PC enameling dies with Diamond insert from 0.200 to 6.00 mm. Perfect inner profile allows smooth and continuous flow of enamel on the copper wire and ensures uniform coating. Mikrotek offers standard and customised design in both Stainless Steel and Aluminum bodies.

Hard metal drawing dies and tapered inserts

Hard metal drawing dies and tapered insertsWe offer Tungsten carbide dies in the size range from 0.200 to 30 mm for wire, rod, bar & tube drawing. We use the best quality of tungsten carbide nibs purchased from reputed companies for various drawing applications. Our high speed state of the art equipment ensures that each die is perfectly grinded, concentric and mirror polished.

Die reconditioning services

Die reconditioning servicesThe efficiency of the wire plant, wire surface, size & roundness of the wire is directly dependent on the condition of the string of dies. After many kilometers of wire drawing, a "wear ring" is formed at the contact point in the die profile. At this point, the dies need repolishing to retain the original die profile and roundness. Repolishing will bring backthe die life...

Diamond die polishing equipment

Diamond die polishing equipment The Machine is manufactured with precision engineering and especially consists of self centering oscillating type die holder and reciprocating wire clamping device. Die rotation and stroke speeds are continuously variable. Individual controls are provided for die rotation, stroke and oscillation

Die inspection equipment

Die inspection equipmentThe instrument is designed and developed for quick checking of die bore sizes with the help of an optical image and customised measuring software.

Measuring Pin Sets

Measuring Pin Sets Mikrotek offers quick, efficient and economical way of checking the die bores using measuring pins in step of 10, 20 & 50 microns. These pins are hardened and treated to maintain the diamensions for a prolonged life. the size is either marked on the pins or the pins are placed in a plastic container and then these are supplied in an engraved polished wooden boxes.

Diamond Powders

Diamond Powders Mikrotek diamond powders are excellent and not matched by any other for quick cutting and polishing of dies with lowest RA value. They are tightly graded to ensure uniform and excellent polishing quality surface while working on dies.

Diamond Suspension

Diamond Suspension Mikrotek diamond suspension is well known for quick cutting and polishing of TC dies. Specially graded diamond powders are mixed with unique gel liquid to suspend the diamond particles uniformly throughout the liquid adds value in quick cutting and high polishing of TC dies.