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Products and services

Blind rivets

Blind rivetsBlind rivets allow to realize blind fastening, working from one side. They are produced in several lengths and diameters, they are available with dome, large, countersunk head and they can be made in aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, for every kind of applications. The range of our rivets also includes blind rivets dedicated to fastening of non metallic sheets or dedicated to be used in electronics.

Rivet nuts

Rivet nutsThese rivet nuts can self-produce threading on pre-drilled metal sheets, that cannot be reached from the back. Their use do not cause damages or deformations on materials subject to surface treatment. They are available in stainless steel, steel, aluminum; they can have dome head, countersunk head or reduced head and the size ranges from M3 to M12. They can be cylindrical or hexagonal, open or blind.

Self clinching

Self clinchingIt is a system of quick and safe fixing. They give answer to assembling problems on plates, folded metal sheets and thin walls, even when already painted. Self clinching are usually press-applied. They can be studs, nuts, stand offs or captive fasteners. They are available in steel, stainless steel and zinc plated steel

Welding studs

Welding studsThey can be used, by means of a proper studwelding tool, on metal sheets to create threads. It’s possible to choose among threaded studs, tapped studs, 1 contact or 2 contacts fastons and insulation nails and among materials like copper-plated steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass.

Blind bolts

Blind boltsThe blind bolts are a quick fastening system for applications requiring a strong mechanical resistance in parts subject to high vibrations. The system consists of a bolt and a collar; the fastening consists in the moulding of the collar on the bolt locking grooves. The blind bolts come in many different diameters and lengths, to be chosen considering the grip range. They are available in aluminum, zinc plated or stainless steel; with dome or countersunk head.

Cage nuts

Cage nutsThe Rivit's cage nuts are assembling systems that, thanks to their wings are used to create female threads on pre-drilled sheet metals already featuring square, rectangular or round punched holes.

Steel screws

Steel screwsThe most widespread system of removable fasteners is represented by screws. The range includes steel screws, stainless steel, high tensile, brass and plastic ones. But also: self-drilling, metric, self-tapping screws, nuts, washers, socket set screws, threaded rods, pins, eye nuts, keys, springs.

Southco products

Southco productsSOUTHCO: Rivit is the Italian distributor of Southco,a world-leader company in the market of Access Solutions (Latches, Hinges and Handles for doors and panels).

Rivets tools

Rivets toolsThe tools for rivets are used to install standard blind rivets, structural or special rivets.

Tools for rivet nuts

Tools for rivet nutsThe tools for rivet nuts are used to install any kind of rivet nuts.