Kilton Srl

Via Sardegna, 64
Fizzonasco - MI
Italy (20090)
Tel: +39 02 907 248 17
Fax: +39 02 907 229 77
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Kilton is a company in constant growth, a clear and effective point of reference in its sector. Located in the south of Milan, in a strategic position, the company operates on an area of ​​6.000 square meters, in three plants.

Born between 1970 and 1980, Kilton was immediately brought to the attention of the customers as a leader in the manufacturing of special fasteners and is now one of the most important companies in the field of fastening systems for industrial applications aimed at the automotive, appliance, mechanical, components and construction sectors.

The research for continuous improvement has allowed Kilton progressing steadily and to always be a leading company in both structures and professional skills, developing technical knowledge at the highest levels in the sector, which enables it to be able to import the main standard products, guaranteeing firsthand the quality of the product itself. Each particular product, is at every stage, followed by rigorous checks before being finally shipped to the customer.

A dynamic stock allows Kilton to have over 40,000 items always ready to be delivered, offering customers a fast service with regard to the availability of the most common standard and non-standard products.

The company, thanks to the knowledge acquired over the years and its production flexibility, is able to realize specifics products to meet the special needs of its customers. The highly qualified Kilton staff is available for the study of custom projects for a variety of application fields. The commercial and technical staff is always available for any clarification needed.

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