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Since 1954 AFFRI has been a manufacturer of Hardness Testing Instruments, System, Software, and Accessories used to evaluate the mechanical properties of metals, springs, plastics, composites, textiles, ceramics, rocks, rubber, biomedical products, natural and adhesives.

AFFRI family of products is available for all types of tests including Hardness for: Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, Knoop Hardness in a wide range of models for production and lab applications.

AFFRI SYSTEM® tests virtually all earth's natural and man-made materials ranging from fragile fiber to the materials used in space exploration and biomedical research.

Tensile, Compression, Fatigue, Torsion tests, Life simulation. A complete range of models and accessories are available to meet all application needs. AFFRI® also offers laboratory information management systems, extensive, worldwide technical support and service including calibration, retrofit systems and Service, and training.