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Via Cantore 31/33,
Giussano - MB
Italy (20034)
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Redies was founded in 1980 by Giuseppe Redaelli who had inherited his parents’ company which had already been performing for several years within the drawing tools sector.

Thanks to the dynamicity and the desire for constant improvement, the company successfully pushed its way onto the Italian and international markets meeting the demands of well known clients.

Particular recognition should be paid to Redies for the experience and the results achieved in the sector of steel-cord, stainless steel and CO² drawing dies.

In 2005 Redies increased its management and production structure in order to be able to always guarantee unique products for its branch and to face up to world market globalization.

Our product range:

Tungsten carbide dies
Natural diamond dies
Monocristalline synthetic diamond dies
Polycristalline synthetic diamond dies
Machines for processing dies
Instruments for dies checking and equipment for dies washing
Services and accessories for regrinding and repolishing diamond dies and tungsten carbide dies.

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